My lovely tri-colour sow Dunvegan Quistis (with the help of her brindle mate, Dunvegan 9) gave birth to three roan babies this afternoon. Two boars and a sow. Lovely colours! Rosettes all seem to be in order, too, though I will have to wait a few weeks before I can tell how well they'll stand out.

The arrival of the Abyssinians marks the day that I have Awesome litters of each of my desired breeds: Sheba Miniyak, Rex and Abyssinian. I now have fourteen Awesome cavies, with more on the way! Four more Abyssinian sows due (they're at least a month away though) and I'm done for this half of the year. The sows will litter a second time roughly in August, then break until 2014.

I don't have a great picture yet, but here they are so far.
Terri Hunter
4/24/2013 09:24:27 pm

Hi Maxine, your Abby bubs are truly beautiful, love the colours and especially the roaning, very nice indeed. Looking forward to meeting you soon :)


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