I have JUST uploaded about 10 pictures of my Awesome babies to the Awesome Gallery section of the site, so feel free to have a look! So proud of my first set of each breed :) I only plan on breeding Rex, Abyssinian and Sheba Miniyak, so now I have my own stock of every kind.

Heading to NSW tonight to visit the lovely Terri at Cavriolet Cavy Stud and pick up two of her beautiful boars to add to the family: Cavriolet Ximon (a striking Rex) and Cavriolet Kido (a very messy-coated Sheba Miniyak). I will also be dropping off little Awesome Ayla to her - a white sow from my first litter. Here's hoping she helps Terri produce some more beautiful Sheba Miniyaks!

No updates until mid/late May as I will be out, but by the time I'm ready there are two lovely Abyssinian sows due to litter here, originally from Jasmine at Cavameer Cavies (Cavameer Mania and her sister Cavameer Terra - brindle sows). Looking forward to their first litter and hoping all goes well. I've been lucky so far, and plan to keep a very close eye on them both in separate breeding hutches next to my bed at all hours, just in case they require my help.

Thankfully my Mum has agreed to drive down as well as a close friend who lives in the area, so they'll be able to house sit whilst I'm gone, so all 51 of my current cavies will have company and care. (Excuse my alliteration :p). I trust that they'll all be well by the time I get back.

I'll still be able to reply to emails and comments, so feel free to message me with any inquiries/queries or quotes!

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    I'm Maxx. I breed Rex, Abyssinian and Sheba Miniyak cavies for showing in Australia.