Very exciting litter born at 3am. Cavameer Mania (one of my lovely brindle Abyssinian sows) began contractions in the early hours of the morning. When she hadn't littered after 20 minutes, I became worried and decided to help. I tried everything I knew - help her up to let gravity aid the birth, massaging her belly lightly to shift the pups, feeling her hip bones to make sure she was fully dilated... Finally at 40 minutes in a pup presented himself in breech position (back end out first). I had never heard of a sow having a successful breech litter and was preparing to head to the emergency vet. I shifted the pup as best I could and gave a gentle twist. He came out slowly and wasn't breathing, and mum instantly began to deliver her second pup, so I ripped off the sac, blew into the pup's face, shook the fluid from his lungs and waited. He lay still on his side for a minute, then coughed, gasped, and wobbled to a sitting position. I almost burst into tears of happiness! The second and third pup came out naturally (though very close together - all born within 3 minutes) so I removed the sacs and helped mum as she cleaned the newborns. There are two lovely boars with wonderful rosettes and a sweet little sow - also very straight and neat rosettes. All brindle in colour, as expected. Very pleased with this litter. Hopefully their aunt, Cavameer Mania, will litter in the next 3 weeks, as she doesn't feel anywhere as large as her sister did. After her, that will be the last of my Awesome litters due until I pair again :)

I've lovingly nick-named the pups "Gumbo" (left boar), "Gimpy" (middle boar - breech) and "Girly" (right sow) - but those names won't likely stick. Gumbo and Girly will be staying here with me, and Gimpy will find a new home when he's old enough.
Barbara Hills
6/1/2013 10:41:36 pm

Wow! How great was this story, just loved it. I like everything on your site and look as often as I can for updates on the 'brood'?


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